Children are an amazing gift from God, each life planned by Him – brought into this world, that they would know Him as Lord and Saviour. The vision of C3 Kids is that all children are recognised as unique, that they have a purpose and an amazing future in God. Our aim is to introduce them to God, and to encourage them to develop a personal relationship with Him. This is also about the children experiencing God and recognising His voice and influence. We want them to know him as Creator of the universe, the Saviour of their lives and at the same time friend, encourager, supporter and King.

The C3 Kids Program is provided every Sunday morning from approximately 10.30am, and usually runs for one hour and a half. Children are encouraged to stay in church for the first part of the service which is focused on praise and family, before being ‘released’ to their program. The C3 Kids Program comprises praise and worship, games, prayer time and a mini message. The children are encouraged to take part in all aspects of the program, at their own level. The goal of the program is to develop a solid foundation on which the children can continue to build their faith into adulthood. We focus on developing the children into passionate praise and worshippers of God, who have a good understanding of the Bible, and are well prepared to take their stand in the adult world. Finally, all children are different and have varying interests, strengths and weaknesses. We at C3 Kids believe each child is an individual, who can express themselves as themselves. God made all of us unique and special, and we are determined that every child recognises their value, who they are and who God intended them to be.

Ashleigh Murphy & Cherie Cooper
Children’s Pastors

C3 Kids Service Information

The C3 Kids Program is conducted every Sunday morning at 10.30am (approx) until 12pm.

C3 Kids Sunday Groups

C3 Kids Pre-school:      3 years to Reception

C3 Kids Primary:            Grade 1 to 6

Holiday Kids: Holiday Kids is conducted on Sunday mornings during School Holidays for children aged from 3 years to Year 6. The program focuses on having fun, building relationships with others, and team work.

Toddler’s Play Room (0-3 years)

The Toddler’s Play Room is a large, bright play area incorporating a ball pit, tunnel slide and soft fall mats. This room is available throughout the service for your preschool child if they become unsettled or restless, and is equipped with a TV monitor connected to the main church service.

If you have any queries regarding the above programs, please don’t hesitate to speak with Ashleigh Murphy or Cherie Cooper on 8281 6100 or ashleigh.murph@gmail.com